Whitefly Treatment


Whitefly Treatment

Whiteflies are belonging to the Aleyrodidae family. They can cause considerable damage and loss of production. The two species of whitefly that affect many crops are Bemisia tabaci (tobacco whitefly) and Trialeurodes vaporariorum (glasshouse whitefly). The main feature that distinguishes one from another is the position of the wings. In the tobacco whitefly they are joined to the body and in the glasshouse whitefly they are parallel to the surface of the leaf. Additionally, the adult and pupa of the glasshouse whitefly usually has a greater quantity of waxy powder than the tobacco whitefly


Visual Observation
Discolored patches on the parts of the leaf where the insects have been feeding.


Treatment & Prevention
Controlling whitefly is very important in order to prevent the crop being infected by a virus that the insects may be carrying. Use GrowSafe™ as per label instructions.


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