GrowSafe Bio-Pesticide

GrowSafe™ is OMRI listed

organic bio-pesticide

GrowSafe™ controls and cleans infestations in vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, and cannabis growing facilities (indoor, outdoor and greenhouse), promoting higher yields and healthy, disease free plant growth.

GrowSafe™ utilizes

two mechanism of actions:

  1. Physical-coating: Repetitive spraying produces a protective layer providing defense from pests as well as their proliferation.
  2. Phyto-Chemical: Natural plant protection elements present in the oils, serve as control & repellent.
Omri Listed


  • Effective: GrowSafe™ is better and safer in comparison to chemical based pesticides, as well as neem oil and (mineral) petroleum-based oil. It can be sprayed with any type of spraying equipment.
  • Non-Poisonous:  Due to the non-toxic* ingredients contained in GrowSafe™, there is no need to worry about harmful effects to the environment, pets and humans.
  • Sustainable: GrowSafe™ is produced in energy efficient and environmentally friendly facilities.
  • Regulatory: GrowSafe™ qualifies for EPA exemption as a minimum risk pesticide under  FIFRA 25 (b).
  • Bio-Pesticide: Safe for bees, ladybugs and many other beneficial insects*.


Formulation Process


Unique water/oil based formula that dissolves easily together without any separation.

User Friendly

User friendly, can be used with any conventional sprayer, electric portable or manual.


Non-toxic* formulation, no special equipment required.

Long Shelf Life

1 year shelf life while maintaining high efficacy.


Kills on contact, non phytotoxic* unique formulation that prevents burning of the leaves.

*when used as directed