Si-Tech Mono-Silicic Acid Plant Nutrient Solution with Chelation Technology


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The benefits of using Si-Tech

  1. Increased plant growth and biomass: Silicic acid has been shown to stimulate plant growth and increase biomass, which can result in higher yields.
  2. Improved stress tolerance: Silicic acid helps to improve the plant’s ability to withstand stress from environmental factors such as drought and high salinity.
  3. Enhanced nutrient uptake: Silicic acid has been shown to improve the uptake of other nutrients, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, by plants.

What is Orthosilicic Acid and why is it better than Potassium Silicate?

Orthosilicic acid (H4SiO4) is a chemical compound that contains silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen. It is also known as soluble silica or monosilicic acid.

Orthosilicic acid is considered better than potassium silicate for several reasons:

1. Orthosilicic acid is more soluble in water than potassium silicate, which makes it easier for plants to absorb.

2. Orthosilicic acid has been shown to improve plant growth and development, particularly in terms of increasing biomass and enhancing stress tolerance.

3. Orthosilicic acid is considered to be a safer and more sustainable option than potassium silicate, which may contain harmful impurities.

What is Chelation Technology and what are its benefits?

Chelation technology refers to a process of chemically binding metal ions with organic compounds called chelators to form a stable, water-soluble complex.

In agriculture, chelation technology is used to improve the availability and uptake of essential nutrients by plants. The chelators in fertilizers can bond with metal ions in the soil, forming stable complexes that protect the nutrient from reacting with other elements and becoming unavailable to the plant.


Calcium (Ca), Boron (B), Silicon (Si)